Testimonial: Tutoring and Jesus

I run my own tutoring business and work mostly with high school students. About a year ago, I started meeting with one young man who I just knew God was after. One day as I was on my way to our regular Saturday meeting, I asked God what he wanted to say to this student. What I heard in my spirit was, "Tell him that he is not destined to repeat the same mistakes of his dad. And that whenever anyone has told him, 'You're just like your dad,' I want that to mean that he is just like Me, his true Father. He is destined to take after me."
I was nervous to tell him all of this because it just seemed so personal. What if it freaked him out, or just offended him? But, after we finished our tutoring session, as we were heading to our cars, I asked him..."Do you mind if I share something with you? I pray for you and I feel like God was telling me something that he wants me to tell you. If it means something to you, awesome. But if not, it's totally okay, and I'm just mistaken."
So I shared the word with him, and he told me that something had just happened that related to that word.
Fast forward a year, to just a few weeks ago, and we were having another meeting. During the meeting I asked him, "So in all honesty, do you think God is real?"
This was his answer: "You know, I've got to tell you, about a year ago I was basically an alcoholic. I had been seeing a counselor, and one afternoon after school he told me outright...'You're an alcoholic. You need help.' And he was right. I was drinking nearly every night at that point." 
"After he told me that, I was floored. It hit me really hard, and I hated it. Then, on top of that, I went to my dad's house that week and found him already drunk and out of it when I walked in. And I thought, wow, this is what I'm becoming."
"But then, you and I had our tutoring session that Saturday, and you told me what God had wanted you to say to me, about me not repeating the same mistakes as my dad and that I'm so much more than that. THAT right there is the main reason that I know without a doubt that God is real."
I love that not only did God show himself real, but when every other voice was bringing my student discouragement, it was God's voice that lifted his head in hope. It was God's voice that shattered all condemnation and called out what he was meant to be...a son of his Father.

Matt Hallock
Serving the Santa Cruz County